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Linda & Tony are getting hitched! | Bromley, London Wedding Photographer

Last week before we headed out to location scout and a pre-wedding shoot, Linda said to me, she had a confession to make. She told me she’d lied about how long they’d been together for because she thought I would freak out and run for the hills if I knew they only started seeing each other in February this year. I was really surprised… not about the time frame but why she had to think that I’d thought they were crazy for getting married after such a short time. I’m just like her… I got pregnant just after 4 months the first time I saw my then “future” husband 🙂 When you know it, you just know it that that person is going to be the one you want to spend the rest of your life with 🙂

We’ve had such a laugh in the park trying to establish who saw whom the first time, what they liked about each other and try to walk together holding hands 😛 You’d think that’s an easy thing to do but not for these two… they’re not the handholding types… but when they managed to forget about the camera for a split second, you could see, there’s no doubt about how much in love they are with each other 🙂

Go check out their photos below and see how lovely a couple they are and don’t forget to wish them well in the comment box 🙂

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