Orsi Vilusz Photography

It’s been a while

Yes… I know… I didn’t want to post something I don’t really want to show. Not that I’m not super-proud of my absolutely gorgeous, beautiful, cheeky little 4-yo, haven’t had much luck with shooting what I really want to do. Thanks to free child care (aka school), finally I’ve regained my freedom (at least for the mornings) to do what I’m passionate about, creating beautiful images of beautiful women. 


These are exciting times for me. I’m organising a charity photography event on the side, Help-Portrait Jersey. I’ve seen Help-Portrait on Creative Live about 3 years ago and ever since I’ve been meaning to be involved. Moving around didn’t help much but this time finally we’re settled, so I went for it. 

The idea is fantastic! 1. Find someone in need 2. Take their photograph 3. Deliver them a print 

I’m in my element when I have a camera in my hand. I love making pictures. Since I’m not much of a wealthy person and there are so many causes out there that require support, I’d rather put my talent into good use then flick a coin to a box. I know what a great picture means. I’ve experienced it myself. I made my friend cry when I showed her the back of the camera while doing her maternity session. Fair enough the hormones did their bit too, but she was so stunned, she never thought she was so beautiful, like at that moment on the LCD. Never mind when she got the finished photograph 🙂 


I’m hoping to give the same experience along with my photographer friends to people who are less fortunate than me. Enjoy this little video and see where my inspiration’s coming from. I’ll keep you posted, where we stand with the organisation 🙂




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