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About me

Thank you, Mike for the profile pic ;) http://www.facebook.com/MikeHarberTog

Thank you, Mike for the profile pic 😉


I’m a skater… I used to be a marshal at the London Friday Night Skate and the Wednesday Night Skate and used to race at marathons until I got pregnant. I even skated once from London to Brighton 🙂


I’m a big time Pearl Jam fan… rock music in general. Toured Europe with fellow PJ fans following the band in 2007 and managed to visit some awesome places, meet some awesome people and rock out 🙂


I used to sing in the Barts choir and stood on stage in the Royal Albert Hall twice… although I still can’t read music… oops


I’m Hungarian. My husband is South African. We met in London, UK. Lived in Nigeria for a year then we spent 6 months on Jersey (so unbelievably beautiful island btw.) I used to work on a cruise ship, so I had the chance to visit some of those exotic holiday places in Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico too. Yes, the sea is really that blue there 😉


I’m such a Tomboy it’s not even funny. Ask me about skates/cameras and you’re in for hours of entertainment 😛 However, what’s the latest thing in fashion – no clue. Though secretly I’d love to be more stylish, be able to do my own hair and makeup nicely and the whole shebang 🙂 Perhaps, that’s why I enjoy shooting women, girls and make them feel good about themselves through my pictures, while I have my own insecurities.


I’ve had an epiphany not too long ago while watching a workshop online. Anybody can look like a supermodel in the right hands (pro hair stylist, pro makeup artist, pro photographer) regardless of size, race, sex, religion etc. and no Photoshop needed – ok, maybe a teeny-weeny bit but nothing drastic (I use Lightroom anyways 😉 ). Following those techniques, I managed to make my friend tear up while shooting her maternity pictures, because she’d never thought in million years that she could look that stunning, while feeling more like a whale than a yummy mummy-to-be in general. I was so excited. Not because I managed to nail a picture but because that picture made her so happy, it had such an impact on her that evoked some tears of joy 🙂 So put your details in the contact form below and I’ll glam you out as if you just stepped out of a glossy magazine. Don’t worry, I can make those love handles disappear (at least for the duration of the shoot :P)


Share your thoughts :)

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